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Dog Is Chased From Woods By Unusual Foe, When Owners See What’s Chasing Him They Freeze In Fear

Dogs are sociable creatures and they always manage to make new friends wherever they go. But this inquisitive pooch got more than he bargained for when he wandered off into the woods and found a rather large new playmate.

One morning some men were driving on their way when they decided to stop briefly to let their dog out of the car to stretch its legs. But once the dog got out of the vehicle, he picked up the scent of something and darted off into the woods.

The men didn’t think anything of the dog running off as it was pretty common for the playful pup to run off for little adventures before he came back. But when the pooch emerged from the trees this time, he had company.

In pursuit of the dog was a black bear. Although the dog didn’t seem too fussed by his new-found friend, the humans were pretty alarmed. Afraid that the dog would run to them for refuge, bringing with it the black bear, they scrambled to think of how they could protect themselves.

But it soon became clear that the bear meant nobody any harm and the dog itself was actually the pursuant most of the time. The furry friends had a whale of a time chasing each other in and out of the trees.

While the humans were a bit concerned that the bear may attack (I would be on my guard too), the dog doesn’t seem to feel threatened as he enjoys being chased by the young cub and races after it in return. It’s so sweet seeing the two play together.

Watch the brilliant video for yourself to see the unlikely friends play together. We love to hear your thoughts here at Happiest, so be sure to share any of your own similar experience in the comments below. Be sure to share the incredible footage with your friends.



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