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Woman Finds Dog Who Looks Like ‘Walking Stone’ And Gets Him A Bath That Leaves Coat Like New

Melissa discovered Ozzy the dog while she was on vacation in Aruba. The poor dog’s skin was in such poor condition he looked like a rock.

“He looked like a walking stone when I found him,” Melissa told Caters News. “I knew I wanted to help, so I opened the car door and he jumped right in.”

Melissa recorded the transformation from the moment that Ozzy hopped into her car to the reveal of his beautiful, clean coat.

“He was so grateful. He is the sweetest thing,” she said of the dog.

With the help of a local dog rescue, Sgt. Pepper’s Friends, she was able to give Ozzy a medicated bath.

“Melissa, who was vacationing here, saw Ozzy and contacted us for help,” said volunteer Dayenne Holwerda. “We decided to help, and Melissa went to look for him again and bring him to our vet.”

Not only was Ozzy’s skin bad, he had heartworm that needed to be treated.

“Ozzy really looked like a rock and his face was all swollen and his eyes crusty. He tested positive for heartworm and sarcoptic mange, so we had no choice then to leave him at the vet to be treated,” Dayenne said.

Melissa had to return home, but she left the dog in good hands as he recovered.

“After eight weeks his skin tests came out negative and he went to a boarding place for dogs,” Dayenne said. “Last week we confirmed his adoption, so we hope to find him a flight to Seattle as soon as he finishes his heartworm treatment.”

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Photos: Caters News


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