Mum Tells Men “DO NOT GET IN THE CAR.” They Got In the Car, But What She Did Next? INCREDIBLE!

Angie Padron was at a service station getting gas in Hialeah, Florida, just the same way she had done many times over.

This time, however, something happened Angie could have never predicted, and will never forget!

It seemed to happen in a split second, two armed men ran up to her car. One jumped into the driver’s seat of her vehicle while another was banging on the passenger side window.

She screamed at them to stop, but regardless they continued to get into the car. What made it even worse is that all this time, Angie’s kids were in the car watching everything unfold.

Thinking only of the welfare of her children, Angie sprinted to the driver’s side of the car and jumped into the car after the carjacker.

She grabbed hold of his mask and then was able to force him from the car, the carjackers then decided to abort and fled the scene in a getaway car.

Angie stated she wasn’t thinking about guns or what they could have done to her.

You can watch the video below and please do let us know your thoughts once you’ve seen it.

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