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Men Drive Through Shallow River To Rescue Abandoned Dog Trapped In The Middle Of It

I never like seeing a stray dog looking lost, abandoned, or trapped in a situation he can’t get out of, which is why I’m constantly impressed by the people who go to great lengths to save them.

In the video below, a group of men come across a poor, abandoned dog trapped in a shallow river pass.

While a few men decided to stand on the ledge of the pass and film, a couple of other guys had a different idea.

Two men in an orange jeep decided to drive right through the shallow river water and save the day.

You can see the little brown dog is wet, scared, and shaking, holding onto a strange jumble of rocks right in the middle of the river. I’m not sure how those men got their truck down there, but I’m sure that dog was grateful!

Sure enough, the men pull up right alongside the pup and quickly scoop him up to warmth and safety.

Then they drive away like the heroes they are, having saved that stray dog without having to get wet!

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