Family Dog Bites Mom’s Wrist After She Threatens To Get Rid Of Him , Then She Realizes Why

When Nola and Richard Davis surprised their two children with a puppy named Patches, they had no idea they had just adopted a dog that would later save their lives. Clara and Andrew, the Davis children, were ecstatic when their parents brought Patches home, however, Ms. Davis was less than impressed when Patches continued to grow and grow and grow.

In fact, Nola, after surprising her children with a puppy, considered giving the dog away after he grew too big to fit in their small family home. When Ms. Davis informed her children, her son, Andrew protested, begging her to hold off on her decision for a few more days. That very evening, Ms. Davis was glad she decided to give Patches a second chance as he definitely proved his worth.

While Ms. Davis was having a bath, Patches barged into the bathroom and began to urgently tug on her wrist. Knowing that Patches normally avoids the bathtub like the plague, Ms. Davis knew something was wrong. When Patches finally coaxed Ms. Davis out of the bath, she was met with a wall of flames as she left the bathroom. Patches charged through the flames, guiding Ms. Davis through the house and out to safety.

When Ms. Davis finally made it outside, she saw her entire family waiting safely for her. When Ms. Davis attempted to renter the home to save some of their belongings, Patches blocked her entry and pushed her away. Mere minutes later, the entire house exploded.

Patches saved the lives of the entire Davis family, earning him an award from the Red Cross. What’s more important, the Davis family definitely knew they had to keep Patches in their family forever.

Another heroic dog, ironically named Hero, has also made headlines after he saved the life of a little girl, Sadie, who had diabetes and Down Syndrome, from miles away. Hero, Sadie’s diabetic alert dog who takes care of the little girl, began to whine and paw at Sadie’s parents out of the blue when Sadie was at school one day in Pleasant Grove, UT. “He’s normally a very quiet dog. Whining is not in his protocol,” Sadie’s mother stated. “But he just started whining and he wouldn’t stop.”

After Hero continued his whining, Sadie’s mom rang her daughter’s school just to be sure Sadie wasn’t suffering from any episodes. Upon contacting the school, Sadie’s teacher said that Sadie’s blood sugar was fine, however, over the next few hours, Sadie’s blood sugar had dropped to dangerously low levels. This discovery likely saved Sadie’s life.

Sadie’s parents still to this day are not sure how Hero knew that Sadie’s blood sugar was reaching critical lows, however, they have learnt to trust Hero’s instinct. “I can’t explain it,” Sadie’s mother confessed. “It’s a God thing. I think it’s like mother’s intuition. These dogs have abilities and senses beyond our understanding.”

Source: Little ThingsSF Globe
Photo: SmileDog

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