She Is Pregnant And Cop Put Her In Choke Hold! What Happens After Boils My Blood

BROWNSVILLE – A Brownsville couple is claiming NYPD officers put a pregnant woman in a chokehold over illegal grilling. Rosan and Moses Miller claim police told them Saturday evening that it was illegal to grill on a public sidewalk.

They say the officers then jumped through the gate of their home and attacked the husband, his brother and put a seven-month pregnant woman into a chokehold.Community activist Charles Barron says the whole ordeal was caught on video. However, Barron refused to release the video or tell News 12 exactly where the alleged incident happened.

He did provide photos that show the pregnant woman in what appears to be a confrontation with police. The three were arrested and face charges, including obstruction of justice and disorderly conduct. Mayor Bill de Blasio is aware of the allegations and says the NYPD is investigating.

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