Poor Rooster Refused To Sleep In The Coop at Night. Soon His Owners Discovered The HEARTBREAKING Reason Why

Typically, you’ll find that farm animals like to bed down each night in a safe enclosure so that they feel more protected. They also usually like staying close to the rest of their gang, for safety in numbers.

‘Poodle Roo’ a rooster at the ‘Apricot Lane Farms’ caught the attention of the owners when he started staying outside at night, he seemed to avoid heading back to the coop with the rest of his fellow roosters and chickens.

His behaviour was out of character and left the owners bewildered by his unusual nightly behaviour.

They soon got tired of having to hunt around the farm each night for Poodle Roo, they had to find him by hand by torch light and return him to the safety of the coop so the local foxes couldn’t get to him. NEVER LEAVE A MAN (or Rooster) BEHIND.

They decided to let him have a few days in the barn so he could get back to his usual perky self. A few days passed and they decided that they would return him back to the coop. They did so at night so that the other roosters would be less likely to notice and pick on him.

The very next morning they discovered the heartbreaking reason that Poodle Roo had begun camping out.

Below you can watch the whole story of how Poodle Roo overcame his greatest challenge yet.

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