Family’s tired of dog, tie her up and leave her in blizzard – But that wasn’t all.

The dog had been shivering in the winter cold..

One day on a cold December, a female resident in Detroit spotted a young Pit Bull all chained up outside her neighbor’s house for no reason.

It was only 2 years’ old, but the dog had already spent a whole night outside the day before. Fearing that the dog soon would die from exposure to the winter cold, the woman quickly phoned a local animal rescue group named Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue to assist in the matter.

It was considered illegal in Detroit to tether a dog outside for more than 3 hours in total. The dog’s former owners clearly crossed the line.

When Detroit Pit Crew arrived, the dog’s former owner refused to entertain them, until one of their neighbors convinced them to surrender their dog. They reluctantly agreed. To the team’s dismay, another dog was seen inside the house – so why wasn’t this one?


But it was no time for questions. Detroit Pit Crew carefully carried the shivering pit bull into their truck and gave her a new name – Blizzard. Blizzard was shown to be extremely grateful to her rescuers, licking their hands and faces as if to thank them for their help.

Blizzard’s rescuers quickly brought her to a local veterinarian to have her paws checked. Her frostbitten paws were found to be swollen and infected. Thankfully, she had no other health issues.

Blizzard stayed the night at the veterinarian’s. When morning came, her rescuers ferried her to her brand new foster home. Today, Blizzard is happily living with a doting pair of foster parents, along with two other canine siblings also rescued by Detroit Pit Crew – Noelle and Cholo!

hanks to the team at Detroit Pit Crew, Blizzard is now residing in a wonderful and warm home for the holidays! If you would like to help Detroit Pit Crew rescue other dogs just like what they did for Blizzard, consider donating today!

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