Poor Petey Was Left To Starve And Die…The Reason Stuns His New Owner

A pet is a joy and a responsibility.

That pet will grant you unconditional love, provided you properly love and care for it. And that isn’t too much to ask, is it?

Most people would find it inconceivable that anyone would dump an adorable puppy at a park.

They’d stumble upon the lost, lonely little guy and ask, “Why would anyone leave you behind to starve? How could anyone be so evil?”

But this is precisely what happened with Petey, one of the most beautiful puppies you’ll ever lay eyes on

Petey was left to die in a park along with one of his brothers, simply because they weren’t like the other puppies.

A woman walking her child home from school happened across Petey and his sibling, and both pups appeared to be in bad condition.

They were starved, exhausted, and their body temperatures were dangerously low. The woman quickly scooped them up and brought them to the nearest vet.

That’s when doctors noticed Petey wasn’t moving correctly…what was wrong?

As it turns out, Petey suffers from a rare condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological disease caused by an undeveloped cerebellum.

Symptoms include clumsiness and head bobbing, and it was clear Petey was in dire need of medical attention. Unfortunately, his former owner just wasn’t up to the task.

But his new foster mom is more than willing.

He’s rambunctious, curious and silly,” she said.

He’s also very confident and enjoys meeting new people.

In other words, the terrible health problem aside, Petey is a normal puppy who loves people, loves life, and, yes, loves being a puppy!

Over time, Petey learned how to eat on his own and can now run, too.

Furthermore, he has officially found his forever home; a loving couple adopted Petey and give him all the care and attention he deserves!

Moral of the story:

You never give up on an animal, especially if he’s your responsibility to begin with. Plain and simple.

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