Toddler Comes Inside To Tell Mom To Call Police,Shocked By What She Found…

Ambulance at night

A Noblesville, Indiana, toddler was praised as a hero after helping an elderly neighbor when she fell down.

Lee McFarland, a 2-year-old boy, watched the elderly woman fall down while she was out for a walk, and proceeded to run to his mother and tell her about it. The mother called police, and the woman ultimately recovered.

“It’s awesome, it’s awesome,” Victoria Davis, Lee’s mother, told WXIN. “Not every day do we hear of a two-year-old, or two-and-a-half year old who we can credit to saving a life. We don’t hear that every day on the news.”

Many readers applauded the boy for his quick thinking and desire to help the woman in need.

“What a great child thanks for caring,” one Right Stuff reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“What a wonderful, bright little boy,” another wrote.

“Smart little boy, bless him,” another added.

In a similar incident, a mother and her son saved the life of a 3-year-old boy who was drowning in a pool.

Surveillance footage reportedly showed the 3-year-old swimming into the deep end of the pool at an apartment complex in Tallahassee, Florida, and beginning to struggle. He then went under water and stayed there for a couple of minutes until a 9-year-old boy noticed and dived into the water. The boy pulled the toddler up and took him to an adult.

The 9-year-old’s mother then performed CPR on the toddler, and his breathing started to improve, WRIC reported.

By the time emergency crews arrived, the boy was alert and crying. He was taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition but was expected to recover.

Authorities told WRIC that the toddler’s mother left him in the care of family members for a brief moment when he wandered off.

In another incident, a mother died saving the life of her 3-year-old daughter during floods in Texas.

The Beaumont, Texas, Police Department detailed the heartbreaking incident in a press release:

A Beaumont woman and her young female child were traveling south bound on the service road and got into high water. She pulled her vehicle in to the Plaza 10 parking lot.  The vehicle got stuck and the mother exited the car with the child. At some point she was swept into the canal and ended up floating about ½ mile from her vehicle. Two Beaumont Police Officers and two Beaumont Fire Rescue divers in a Zodiac boat, spotted the mother floating with the small child.  The child was holding on to her mother.

The first responders got to the mother and child just before they went under a trestle.  Water was up to the trestle and first responders would not have been able to save the child if they had floated under it. Officers pulled the child and the mother into the boat and got them to the area of the 3700 block of Bayou . The mother was unresponsive. The child was responsive but suffering from hypothermia.  First responders took turn performing CPR until they could get her to an ambulance.   Water was still high so a citizen helped by allowing first responders to load the mother and daughter in his truck and brought them all to a waiting ambulance at Laurel and 23rd St.  The mother died but the child is in stable condition.

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