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Sweetest Dog Chained For 10 Years Has The Most Incredible Reaction To Being Set Free

When Jared Piper first came across Rusty he didn’t come across as playful at all, he was indiscriminately chained up in the yard of a home in phoenix, Arizona. He barked constantly at passers-by and was becoming quite the nuisance until one day Jared decided to stop and say hello.

What Jared was to discover was Rusty was just a lonely, sad and deeply misunderstood dog that longed for some attention.

He soon began to stop every single day, what he found what that Rusty began to grow friendlier, as he approached he would wag his tail and put his head up against the fence for a little head scratch.

Jared noticed that Rusty’s health wasn’t good, he had NEVER been seen off the chain, he had flys all over him and It looked like he also had a tumour on his belly. Jared wasn’t just going to leave him like this.. it wasn’t in his nature. Jared knew he had to get Rusty somewhere safe.

One day as Jared was doing his usual thing and stopping by the house to give Rusty some love when suddenly his owner came out of the house. She casually told Jared that “Rusty had been chained up for 10-15 years … it was all he knew.”

Jared at this point was insistent that he wasn’t going to be leaving without Rusty. She at first told Jared that Rusty would bite him but he wouldn’t let up.

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