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Monster Cuts Dogs Legs Off To ‘Teach Him A Lesson,’ But Look At Him Now

It’s never easy to see a dog in pain or in trouble. A lot of people and groups work hard to prevent this from happening. Others help pets that are injured, neglected, or homeless. Not all animals can be helped, but that doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t try.

A Thai dog was recently found suffering after his owner’s neighbor cut off his legs.

The neighbor found the dog chewing on a pair of his shoes and decided to “teach the dog a lesson.” The poor dog couldn’t walk and did not have the best quality of life.

An animal welfare group called Soi Dog Foundation wasn’t about to give up on the dog. Although it was believed that he would never walk again, they found a way to help him. They supplied him with a set of legs that would allow him to be mobile again.

His first legs were more like prototypes.

They weren’t the best looking, but they did the job. He used them until a surgeon was able to fit him with a pair of blades that allow him to move more easily and are a lot more stylish and practical. They are the same type of legs used by Paralympic runners.

The dog was named Cola and adopted by the founder of the Soi Dog Foundation, Gill Daley. She can relate to Cola’s situation, because she also lost a leg in an accident. Cola’s had been hacked off with a sword. It is a miracle that he even survived the cruel ordeal.

Once Cola was given his new legs, his rescuers observed how he would use them. Cola would have to be around other dogs, and his new legs needed to allow him to keep up with them. Surprisingly, Cola adapted well to his life with his new legs. His entire attitude had changed, and he was much happier now that he could move and socialize.

The other dogs didn’t seem to mind his legs either.

As far as they were concerned, he was just a member of the pack. Dogs are a lot less judgmental and more accepting than humans. Luckily, Cola’s humans also think he is perfect just the way he is.

Cola still faces some challenges, but his life is much better now. He can move around better and is getting the care he needs and deserves. His current owners can afford to give him medical care and surgery if he ever needs it in the future. He also never has to worry about anyone hurting him ever again.

At first, Cola was hesitant to trust humans.

After all, a human had taken his legs and tried to kill him. Once he found out that his new owners were loving and caring, he was more willing to let his guard down. It’s a good thing he did, because now he is happier than ever.

Animal cruelty happens all over the world.

Some countries have strict punishments for it, and other countries have none. It is up to foundations like Soi Dog Foundation to help these animals and prevent acts of cruelty like the one Cola experienced.

If Cola can be given a new life, there is hope for other dogs out there. Soi Dog Foundation doesn’t only help dogs; it also helps cats and other pets. If an animal is in trouble, rescuers are there to help. They supply food, medical care, and housing until the pets can find adoptive families and permanent homes. The group is always growing, and more people are helping animals each day. Soi Dog Foundation hopes to have more success stories like Cola’s.

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