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This Cat began kidnapping puppies — but then they found the reason why and it broke their heart

When ‘Miss Kitty’ had a litter of kittens that didn’t survive, she was heartbroken and lonely. This sweet cat clearly was hurting from her loss and really wanted to be a Mum.

It just so happened that at about the same time, a neighbour’s cocker spaniel also gave birth to a litter of puppies.

Unfortunately for the poor puppy’s their dog mum wasn’t interested in taking care of them, she didn’t seem to have the motherly instinct. It seemed that this may have been ‘miss kitty’s’ moment to shine!

I can imagine some of you will be worried now that the cat was leaving the dog without her pups? Fear not, sad as it is the puppies were actually being neglected by their actual mother, so being adopted worked out very well for them.

The gesture by this little cat is indeed heartwarming. Sometimes, for unknown reasons, a mother will reject its young. Then it’s up to another animal to raise them or they might not survive.

Miss Kitty obviously has strong maternal instincts. She picked up each puppy and carried it to her own home where she nurses, cleans and cares for the tiny puppies. Hopefully, they will grow up to appreciate the loving care of their adopted cat mum.

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