Man Finds Unconscious Deer, Gets Creative When He Realizes There’s Still Time To Save It

In June of this year, a man walking along the bank of the Lake Novillo in San Pedra de la Cueva came across a small, unconscious deer. Instead of simply averting his gaze and walking along, the man stopped and tried to help— and in an amazing display of determination and care, he succeeded in saving the animal’s life.

The video, included at the bottom of this article and uploaded to NewsFlare by user rubalramon, starts with the unnamed man taking the deer’s head into his hands and opening its mouth. He then starts performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation The deer’s lifeless eyes begin to twitch as the animal struggles to breathe, but when the man lays its head down, it once again stops moving.

Not giving up, the man continues performing mouth-to-mouth, literally blowing life into the deer with each breath.

By the third round, the deer jumps into the air, likely frightened and confused by everything that has occurred. The man holds it for a few moments, making sure it is really okay, before giving it a friendly pat on the back as it happily sprints away.

This isn’t the first time someone has saved a deer from drowning using mouth-to-mouth. Last January, a video emerged that showed a woman resuscitating a deer that she uncovered in the bottom of her pool. The description of the original video read: “My mother and I found a baby dear [sic] in our pool that had drowned. I jumped in and got it out and we sat giving it CPR until it came back. What isn’t show in the video is the ending where we helped it find its mother who took it home.”

Throughout the clip, you see the mother (whom Daily Mail UK reports is also a doctor), alternating between mouth-t0-mouth and getting the heartbeat back, ultimately saving the tiny fawn’s life.

There has also been an impressive case of a dog saving a baby deer. Storm, a dog from Long Island, New York, swam into the beach water to pull out a drowning deer. Storm ultimately carried the fawn back to shore by its neck, the way a mother cat carries its kittens, and proceeded to nudge it and see if it was okay. This deer, too, ultimately survived.

It’s so amazing seeing both humans and animals going out of their way to rescue other creatures in need. Watch the San Pedra de la Cueva rescue below!

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Source: Newsflare

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