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When Mom Left The House, Her Dogs Got Busy And Planned A Very Special Christmas Surprise!

Decorating your home for the holiday season can be daunting and tedious at times. You need to decorate all the main rooms in the house, but you can’t rush. The decorations need to look elegant and the little details need to all be there. Nothing ruins the holiday spirit more than rushed, careless decorations.

But what if you had an extra set of hands to help you? That would be awesome, right? Well, for one family, a Mom had not just one extra set, but she had 32 extra legs that helped out. It’s amazing how much faster things are accomplished when you work together.

In the video below, Mom and Dad leave step out of the house, and the family’s dogs get to work. The second the door closes, the dogs begin to decorate the house. These eight, extremely well-trained pups – Bruno, Fenta, Kumisz, Pako, Yoda, Trixi, Skoda, and Carlo – arrange an unforgettable Christmas surprise. They string Christmas lights, setup the tree, and arrange presents, all before Mom and Dad return home.

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