Police Officer Rolls Down Car Window, Then Something Flies Through The Window And Hits Him In Head

Most of us have dealt with traffic and the occasional car malfunction while driving, but how many of us can say they’ve had wildlife come into their car? Recently, a police officer from Colorado had to deal with an unusual feathery passenger. A baby robin flew in through the window of his cop car while he was driving.


Animal management officer Jeremiah Schoepflin from the Arvada Police Department rolled down his window to cool down from the summer heat. Instead, he was hit in the face by a baby Robin. Robins are a sign of good luck, but what does it mean when they hit you in the face on a hot day?

On top of that, Schoepflin said that the baby bird just wouldn’t leave him. To prove this, he took a picture of himself sitting in his car with the little bird safely perched on his chest while he smiles at the camera. His police department shared the picture of Facebook for the whole world to see.

‘They say it’s a bad omen to hit a bird with your car…but what about when a bird hits you while driving and then won’t leave?’ the Facebook caption said. ‘Our AMOs have a certain je ne sais quoi with animals!’


Officer Schoepflin told KUSA that after the bird hit him on the head, it flew out onto the street. He stopped his car and went outside to pick it up, gently placing it in the backseat with a handkerchief. The baby bird flapped around inside the car until it landed on his chest and stayed there, refusing to leave.


He then tried to release the bird at a nearby park, but it simply wouldn’t leave his side! Eventually, he drove down to The Bird Walk, a local rehabilitation center for common birds. Once he got there, the baby bird felt comfortable enough to leave his side.

Whatever the reason for this little bird’s attachment to the officer, commenters could relate. Some pointed out officer Schoepflin’s charming good looks. One commenter wrote: ‘Uh….i wouldn’t fly away from that either!’ Another user agreed with this sentiment, adding, ‘Don’t birds mate for life once they choose their mate!? Good choice Miss Robin, he’s a good catch.’

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