Rescuers Find Stray Dog Being Eaten Alive By Maggots Under A Car And…

Rescuers Find Stray Dog Being Eaten Alive By Maggots Under A Car And Nurse Her Back To Health

I can only imagine how heartbreaking it must be to find a stray dog in need of help.

Stray dogs usually aren’t in very good shape, but one dog recently rescued in Arizona was worse off than anyone ever expected.

A 7-year-old shih tzu was “literally being eaten alive” by maggots when rescuers found her underneath a car, AZ Central reports.

The pup’s maggot infestation was so severe that Jose Santiago, a spokesperson for the Maricopa County Animal Care & Control, said she was “one of the worst cases” they’d ever seen. One of her eyes actually ruptured while vets were shaving her hair, according to AZ Central. She was having to fight just to stay alive.

Even though things seemed hopeless for the pup, her rescuers weren’t ready to give up on her just yet. They even named her Miracle.

It took lots of hard work from Miracle and her rescuers, but she’s been making an almost unbelievable recovery. Miracle is walking and eating all on her own now, and Jose says she’s “very sweet and loving.”

“I can’t even put into words how well she’s doing. She is up and walking. She’s eating on her own. She’s sweet and lovable. We could all pick her up and cuddle her,” Jose said.

Miracle is still on a long, tough road to recovery — but she’s doing miles better than anyone could have ever expected for her. She’ll be ready for adoption before long, and will hopefully find the loving forever home that she so deserves.

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Thumbnail Photos: Facebook / Maricopa County Animal Care & Control // Flickr / dittaeva



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