Mysterious Dancing Lights Caught On Cam: Extraterrestrial Activity Or Natural Phenomenon?

Strange things had been reported happening around us lately, like the bizarre sound on the sky heard from around the world and the alleged frequent sightings of “UFOs.” Religious groups say the end is coming but science experts always debunked these strange phenomenon. Yet despite their efforts, each time a mysterious sightings appeared, people always acquainted it with aliens and other extraterrestrial activities, and this video is no exception.

A guy was riding his bicycle when suddenly out of nowhere, a beam of light appeared in the sky. Though he freaked out, he knew it is far from ordinary and immediately filmed it.

crown flash

The bizarre ray of light shoots out every now and then and it seems to be dancing, then disappears. Moments later it appears again, flashing and twisting beautifully before finally hiding behind the clouds.

crown flash 2

Watch the mind-boggling video:

Because of its rare and spectacular view, many were convinced that these lights are extraterrestrial or there is something wrong going in the sky. But sorry to disappoint those Alien fanatics because this is actually a natural phenomenon called “crown flash” and it has been happening for the past few years, though it is very rare. This occurs when the cloud’s ice crystals become aligned with magnetic fields. This causes a refracting, moving light to occur.

Here’s the explanation made by

“What’s happening here is a wispy cirrus cloud, made up of ice crystals, is being impinged upon from below by a rising cumulus cloud. If the ice crystals in the cirrus are long and needle-shaped, they’ll align themselves with the electric field of the lower cumulus cloud, which is generated by up and downdrafts inside the cumulus cloud. When the electric field suddenly changes (due to, say, lightning discharges inside the cloud), the ice crystals can snap into a different orientation, reflecting and refracting sunlight in a different direction (note that the plume in the video is the same color as the Sun). They do this as a group, making it look like huge coherent structures are suddenly changing shape.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time a crown flash was caught on tape. In 2011, the same kind of strange beam of light was recorded in Singapore by YouTube user Aaron Brigatti.

Well, people has creative ways to interpret things, it can go both ways and have a long overdue debate of beliefs and facts. So I leave it all to you. One thing is for sure, this dancing light is spectacular and I’ll love seeing this everyday.


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