Dad Heartbroken When Daughter Says She Doesn’t Love Herself. What He Does Next Has Her Grinning

“I don’t love myself because I don’t have hair.”

When you’re a parent, you want the best for your child. You want them to be able to see how wonderful and special they are. You never want to see them hurting.

Seeing your child in pain is often more difficult for you than for them. You are willing to do whatever it takes to make them feel better.

Chelsea Sylvaria was joking around with her daughter Riley the other day when she started listing off all the people in her life that she loved.

“I love Riley, I love Gavin, I love Grayson,” Chelsea said, listing off her kids.

All of a sudden, Riley looked at her and asked a question that caught her off-guard.

“Do you love yourself?” the young girl asked her mom.

“Of course I do,” Chelsea quickly answered, “you always have to love yourself! Do you love yourself?”

Riley’s answer broke her heart.

“No,” she softly responded.

Stunned, Chelsea asked her why. What Riley said next confirmed Chelsea’s biggest fear:

“I don’t love myself because I don’t have hair.”

Riley has alopecia and has lost all of her hair. While Chelsea and her husband, Dave, have worked to instill confidence and love in their daughter, it’s clear she struggles with her differences.

Heartbroken, Chelsea shared what Riley had said with Dave. When he returned home that evening, he took Riley in his arms to talk about it.

“How come you said that to Mommy?” he asked her as she nuzzled into his chest.

“Sweetie, do you know how much Mommy and Daddy love you?” he continued. “More than anything in the whole wide world.”

It was clear Riley was still struggling and sad as she sat in her dad’s arms. She wanted to believe him, but it was hard for her to take his words to heart.

Dave continued to talk to Riley about how beautiful she was and how it didn’t matter whether she was bald or had hair.

All of a sudden, he had an idea to help Riley feel better. He asked Riley what she thought of it, and the little girl immediately broke into a smile.

The pair went into the bathroom where Dave pulled out his razor and began to shave his head. He even handed them over to Riley at one point so she could help.

It was clear how much that moment meant to the young girl. She went from feeling sad and self-conscious to having a big smile, newly confident in herself and her father’s selfless love for her.

“I LOVE this man with all my heart,” Chelsea wrote when she posted a video of the precious moment later.

She said Riley is now okay with being bald and, while she may still struggle with it in the future, she knows her family is there for her and supporting her no matter what.

“We want her to know it’s ok to sometimes get upset,” Chelsea said, “but that she is strong and beautiful no matter what!”

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