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Cruel Heartless Mother Tossed Son’s Yorkie Into A Tumble Dryer And Roasted Him Alive

A mother from southern Austria is being accused of killing her teenager’s beloved Yorkshire terrier. If that statement alone wasn’t sad, wait until you hear how the dog was killed. The dog, Gizmo, was put into a clothes dryer! The mother, Silvia Schmidt, 49, admitted to the having killed the dog – but she claims it was an accident.

Schmidt claims she didn’t know the dog was sleeping in the basket of wet clothes when she threw them in the dryer. She didn’t know? Really? Wouldn’t the laundry have been a lot heavier? Why would a dog sleep in wet clothes? The twist is that before she admitted to killing the dog, she put Gizmo on the porch and blamed the neighbors.

Take a look at this poor darling…

dog killed by mother

So, the bottom line is that no one knows if Gizmo’s death was an accident or not. Rest in Peace, Gizmo.

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[h/t Pet Rescue Report]

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