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Baby Elephant Makes Her First Ever Attack — Truly Terrifying

If at first you don’t succeed pick yourself up and try again..

This Baby Elephant Attempts To Act all Grown Up in the Kruger National Park in South Africa, this behaviour will have been learnt from its mother and is the beginning of the maturing process.

You can watch the video of the charge at the bottom of this article. 


The baby elephant tries to act all grown up, but, as you’ll see, it fails miserably, it charges at the vehicle and trumpets a warning, only to retreat into the tall grass, prompting a short chuckle from a tourist.

The little guy then decides to charge again and comes closer, but quickly turns around and returns to the grass. It takes one more look at the vehicle before humorously heading back to its mother for safety after trying and failing to intimidate the car with a wagging tail only adds to the cuteness factor.

A charging elephant is actually no laughing matter. An enraged bull elephant can cause damage to vehicles and injuries to tourists — even death.

If an elephant charges and its ears are pinned back, it means business. If it charges with ears fanned out, it indicates a mock charge

Enjoy the video. 

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