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They Hear Crying Coming From Under The Rocks – Now Watch What They Discover

They came in the nick of time. This couple hear cries for help coming from under some rocks and call in for help. They couldn’t imagine what could have possible gotten wedged underneath, but were hoping a rescue could be done quickly. They did notice a mama deer acting strangely near rocks on their property, and they came to find her fawn under the boulders.

It was Eddie’s wife who first noticed the deer on their lawn, and it was alarming to them that she kept searching frantically under the rocks. The deer stayed around for quite a while, so Eddie, his wife, and their neighbors went out to try to solve the problem.

Hearing the whimpers of the tiny fawn, they knew they had to act immediately to try to rescue her. They carefully removed the rocks and her head appeared from among them.

But the heavier boulders were too difficult to move on their own, so they called their Clark County Fire District for help. Willing hands came their way to work with the hefty boulders. With incredible teamwork they finally uncovered the adorable fawn and lifted her to safe ground. She floated away straight towards her mama and instantly began eating.

Eddie and his wife can only imagine that the little fawn may have been stuck all night, but together with their neighbors and the Fire District, they saved the little fawn’s life.

Source: YouTube

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