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Big Cats Caged And Abused by Circus — Feel Grass For The Very First Time

Unfortunately big cats can draw a huge crowd to a circus, this is one of the reasons why they are still used today in many.

Things slowly but surely are changing, largely thanks to films such as ‘Blackfish’. While Blackfish focused on the Orcas being kept to perform at sea world it has still done huge things to move along the debate and change the way western societies view animals in captivity.

Simply, The more our society rejects shows that use performing animals the less we will see of them.

In the video below we you can see the reaction from a number of big cats once they final found freedom, but what happens? They can’t be released back into the true wild as they would be unable to adapt and would surely die, some are killed for their coats but some lucky ones end up in either a reserve or a sanctuary, where they can live out the rest of their days, with grass and dirt underneath there giant paws and in comparative luxury having been caged for so many years.

There child like reactions are emotional to watch, their eyes wide with wonder and amazement.

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