Footage From Security Camera Has Even The Biggest Doubters Believing In The Afterlife (video)

There is a grocery store in Sansom Park, Texas where people have reported an array of spooky happenings over the years. This store is just slightly northwest of Fort Worth. The store, like most stores, have surveillance cameras that run all throughout the day. The purpose is to try and deter crime and catch any criminals on tape to aid with prosecuting them. However, these same cameras recently caught something a bit scarier than someone trying to break into the store. It appears to have caught some paranormal activity.

The owner of the store is a guy who largely believes in science and it takes a lot to get him to believe something without hard facts, numbers and reason. Mohammed Hammad, the owner of the store, says that he is a physics kind of guy. So, you can imagine that he is not a person to just believe that ghosts exist just because someone might be telling him this. However, his beliefs on this might be changing after what he recently saw on the surveillance video that he has at his store.

He said that on Monday, he was looking at his surveillance camera and what it caught was something that took him by complete surprise. In fact, he stated that he was completely baffled. This sighting happened just outside of his store where his cameras could still see. It was approximately 7:30 pm when this incident happened.

He said that after he viewed the video, he feels confident in saying that the store is haunted. This is not the first time that people have said that they saw ghostly things in the general area. However, since Hammad had not seen such things himself before, he just blew it off and did not believe it could be true.

After watching the video, he stated that what he saw is like supernatural and that there is no explanation for it.

Ahmad, his brother, also took a look at the video in hopes of trying to find some reason behind what they were seeing. However, he agrees that there is just no logical explanation for it. He said that he does not believe in ghosts, but this certainly is making him think twice about this stance. He stated that what they saw was definitely not smoke or fog.

Ahmad says that at that moment, no cars were driving by and it was dark, so the argument that it was a shadow is a hard one to make. This video has definitely made the brothers think twice about their previous stance that ghosts are just a matter of fiction.

The brothers showed some of their customers the video and all of the customers seemed to agree with their assessment that what they caught on video had to be something supernatural. Chris Gilliland, a customer at the store, said that it looked like a ghost to him.

It is hard not to agree with everyone who watched the video once you see it. Take a look and see if you think that this could be a ghostly sighting too.


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