Badly Wounded Old Dog Stuck In Gate Gets Heartwarming Rescue

An old street dog had gotten herself terribly stuck in a gate. But not only that, she was horrifically injured with maggot infested wounds.

Dotty was stuck so tightly in between the bars that the rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited had to use metal cutters to free her.

Thankfully she was freed from her metal prison and brought back to Animal Aid Unlimited India’s shelter where her wounds were tended to and they started her treatment and healing.

Although she was weak and old, Dotty makes a stunning recovery and can’t get enough of the hugs and attention from her rescuers.

Thanks to her rescuers, Dotty can live out the remainder of her days free from pain.

Watch her emotional rescue in the video below and share it with your friends! Warning: video contains graphic imagery that may be disturbing to some viewers.

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