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Baby leans in to kiss the dog but can contain himself when he dog responds

No one would argue with the fact that babies and dogs have the most amazing relationships.

Dogs generally have a great nature around youngsters, they are both playful and protective especially if they grow up together. Even if babies unknowingly do mean things to them like pulling their floppy ears and tail, while they just take it all in their stride.

You can watch the video is at the foot of this article.

For some babies, their dog becomes their best friend, especially if they have no other siblings and at happiest, nothing could make us melt faster than a lovable baby and dog pair.

The cute baby in this video, ‘Tegan’ loves kissing his best friend Ralphie, his fluffy Newfoundland pal, and it seems Ralphie is also not shy of returning the affection right back to Tegan, too!

You can see in the video bellow that these smooches might have crossed the line for Tegan this time as he got a little more than he had bargained for.

But hey even if Ralphie’s kisses this time did turn out to be a little bit wet, Tegan threw caution to the wind and went back for another kiss.

This is clearly an inseparable duo that can’t live without each other, we think it’s beautiful to see, SHARE this article if you agree.


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