This Man The Most Extensive Face Transplant In History. 5 Years Later, He Looks Like THIS

Medical science has come a long way, and doctors have worked miracles with transplants. In 2011,Mitchell Hunter was in a life threatening car accident. He was a passenger in the vehicle when it hit an electric pole. He managed to push a woman to safety, but Mitchell was shocked with a high voltage wire with 10,000 volts for five minutes.

He was lucky enough to survive, but lost a leg and the burns from the electrical shock left him disfigured. He told WISH-TV ‘people tell me I’m fortunate that I don’t remember the accident because it would probably be a lot of pain.’


Numerous skin grafts couldn’t help the Army vet. He says ‘imagine walking into a room, and like, falling and everybody noticing.That’s how it was every time I walked in a room because of the way my face looked.’

He needed more help, and in 2011 Mitchell received the first ever full face transplant in the U.S. The operation took 14 hours, and the doctors were able to give him a nose, eyelids, muscles to help his face move and nerves. All of this happened because of an anonymous donor.

Five years later Mitchell looks like a completely different person, and has a new lease on life. He says he can feel everything like ‘hot cold, pain,tickle,rubbing my beard, someone kissing my face.’

The incredible transformation has changed his life, and says ‘it’s a lot easier to go out in public now, I will tell you that.’ He has gained some insights on what happened to him.

Mitchell says ‘I look back on it as something that made me stronger. I mean yeah, I’d like to have my leg and my face back, but without that happening I wouldn’t be who I am today.’

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