Caring German Shepherd Dog Thinks Bunny Rabbit Is Her Baby And It’s Beyond Adorable

This precious German Shepherd has grown so attached to her “baby” that just spelling out the word has her running to check on him. But Skutka’s baby is not just any baby, it’s the family’s pet rabbit!

It turns out that Skutka is so obsessed with her baby that her human began to spell out the word b-a-b-y, so as to not have her get anxious and excited. But Skutka is so clever that she now recognizes when the word when it’s being spelled out too!

In the video, the dog is sitting and looking at the camera, but secretly picking in the direction where she desperately wants to go, to visit her b-a-b-y!

Somehow she developed the motherly instinct that the rabbit is her baby, and every time her owner asks “Where is your baby?” the dog runs down the room where the rabbit lives, and watches over it!

Rabbit’s cage is on the top of the placard in the bedroom and the German Shepherd gazes adoringly up at it. When mom then asks Skutka to say “Hi” to her baby, she raises her front two legs up the placard in order to say ‘Hello” and get a better look at him.

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