2 Horses Are Trapped In A Frozen Pond. Their Dangerous Rescue Had My Heart Pounding

Thirty volunteer firefighters in Elma, New York rallied together to try to help two horses trapped in an icy pond. The layers of ice, snow, and slush kept even the most powerful horses from being able to break free from the terrible situation they found themselves in. As time went on, the horses were losing strength, but with an enormous team full of passionate rescuers, hope was still in sight, but they all knew they only had a short amount of time before it would be too late.

Taking turns pulling them out, the firefighters used all of their might and strength for the good of the horses. One group would pull, and the next team would come to the team’s relief. They all wouldn’t possibly give up on these horses when they saw the desperate look in their eyes.

With the help of harnesses, the rescuers were able to convince the horses to come out from the frozen trap. The firefighters were in complete relief to see and know that the horses were calmed down and doing alright. With teamwork, even the most challenging task was accomplished together, and they were able to save the horses.

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