Dad Captures His Tiny Puppy Trumping So Loud, He Wakes Himself Up In A Shock

We all know that Dogs are pretty easily amused. If you think about it, we’re also pretty easily amused by them too, almost everything they do is hilarious in some way.

When you see a puppy you can’t help but smile, when their little paws look too big for the rest of their body, It’s almost like they are wearing slippers and I love it so much.

Every time I see one I have to go out of my way just to stroke its little head and welcome it to the world, they are just magic.

Well, this little pup is all of that but he also has another little trick up his sleeve, he’s channelling his spirit animal.. a Skunk.

His dad is recording the sleeping pup as he has a restless and dream filled snooze on the floor. Now, if I could read minds I’d say that he was dreaming of chasing ducks in the park.

However, this video is not just of a cute pup having a little kip, although we do enjoy those too! The adorable pup suddenly lets out a huge fart. And because it comes from this tiny little frame, even the pup is shocked. shocked and impressed actually, I’d say.

Once he’s awake he glances around confused as if to say, “who did that.”

It’s fair to say, It’s absolutely hysterical and adorable which is why it’s been watched over 5 million times.

Try not to laugh at the video below, but if you do, share it with your friends and family.

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