Circus Bear Attacks Handler Then Returns To Perform After Being Beaten

It was in the sub-Arctic city of Syktyvkar when a circus almost went horribly wrong. In front of a live audience of mostly family and children, a circus bear suddenly lunged forward at its handler before retreating after being hit with a stick. The footage, which was caught by an audience member, has since gone viral and has been viewed thousands of times.

It was in the capital of the Komi Republic in Russia where this incident occurred.

Moments after the attack, the bear resumes its tricks as if nothing happened.

The Melanzh circus troop who are from Perm in the Urals say that the handler is not injured from the incident.

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In the video footage, the large brown bear can be seen performing tricks at the beginning. It has a collar tied to a chain that is handled by its master.


But about midway through the video, the bear suddenly gets aggressive and charges at the handler. It strikes the handler with its two front paws and knocks him over.


Just as the bear is about to stand on its hind legs and maul the handler, someone from behind the curtains can be seen hitting the bear with a large stick.


Another employee with a large stick flashes across the screen and runs to the front of the stage where the bear retreats to.


Surprisingly, during this whole ordeal, the handler remains in control of the chain which holds the bear and prevents it from running into the crowd.


Cries can be heard from the audience but the bear resumes its act as if it did not just try to kill the handler.


Oleg, the circus representative, said: ‘the handler and the bear lost their understanding for a moment. It can happen any time. Similar cases happen with dogs, but we didn’t make a fuss about it. Everyone present at the show could see that no-one got injured. And the handler stood on his knees in front of the bear and hugged him.’


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