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Puppy Was About To Be Devoured By Coyote, But Got Rescued By A Furry Hero

The puppy would have been killed if not for him.

One afternoon, a puppy was out and abound in the great outdoors along a driveway when something was found to be stalking him. No humans were around to defend that puppy, and that something seemed to be going in for the kill. As it would turn out, it was a wild coyote – which made a great mistake of attacking that puppy, whose name was Trixie. Unbeknownst to him, Trixie was watched over by another canine. The whole scene was caught on tape thanks to a security camera, which showed that Trixie had been alone for only 5 minutes before the coyote appeared.The coyote tried to carry Trixie off, but another furry figure rushed into the frame.

It was a Rottweiler named Happy, who lived just next door! Without thinking, Happy charged at the coyote with all his might, startling the wild coyote in the process. The coyote dropped Trixie from its mouth, and scampered away when Happy continued to fend him off from touching his friend again! Clouds of dust were kicked up when Happy went after the wild coyote in circles. During the chase, Trixie was finally left alone, enabling the puppy to run to safety. This heroic act of his has saved Happy’s life, and boy was he grateful!

Watch the brave canine intervention below!

Happy and Trixie still remain best friends today. Now that’s a true canine bond right there! Bravo, Happy – you’re one brave dog!

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