The Dog Barks To Show Something In The Forest. What They Found… Incredibly Lucky They Got There In Time!

Sometimes man’s best friend rescues with cute little actions. Sometimes it’s braver and more powerful. This dog is even named Hero from his brave actions. He saved a mother and her ten puppies who were just hours away from freezing to death. This is the story of a true hero.

Hero was abandoned by his owner and was sent to Dogrrr-Rescue, Rehab, Reform in Texas. But he ran away from his new home. They later saw him strolling around with a female dog but didn’t manage to catch him.


Thursday, last week, he came back to Dogrrr-Rescue and acted strangely. Usually he’s very calm and kind, but now he barked constantly and seemed to be worried. It was obvious that he wanted their attention. Marina Tarashevsce and John Miller suspected he wanted to show something. Every time they came closer he ran away and continued barking. They decided to follow him into the forest.

After a while, Hero stopped at a fallen tree. Marina and John knew that they had to follow him.


Beneath the tree, there was a female dog and ten newborn puppies. They all were extremely cold.



The mother, now named Mona, was the female dog they’ve seen with Hero when he was on the run. It’s most likely to think that Hero is the father of the puppies.


Mona and her puppies were taken care of and now lives in a foster home. That home is also Heros new home. The puppies are okay after the trauma. Especially when Hero is by their side all the time…


Hero is a true hero, so no wonders he was named Hero. He has earned that name. Let’s hope that the puppies have a great future ahead of them.



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