The Mother Strained For 11 Hours To Save Her Child. Her Battle Is Now Touching People All Over The World.

This elephant mother do whatever it takes to rescue her child. For 11 hours she was trying to get her baby up from a hole. The incident happened in India and hundreds of people from the village gathered around the spot to see what was going on. They wanted to help her, but as soon as anyone went near the elephant baby the mom became aggressive.

Unfortunately, the elephant mother worsened the situation. When she reached down in the hole, soil followed her and decreased the chances of a lucky ending. But in the end, this story had a happy conclusion. The people who were observing the situation went to get bananas to lure away the mother… and they succeeded.

They also succeeded to remove all the soil from the hole and helped the mother to finally rescue her child. Now, the story has been spread all over the world and hundreds and thousands of people have been touched by the mother’s persistent attempt to save her child. Scroll down and watch the clip!

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