Old Man Caught On Cam Being Followed By Black Spirit

Have you ever seen the movie ‘Shutter’? If you do here’s a strange footage that is somehow alike with the said Thai Movie.

An old man was crossing the street, but there’s something really strange with him. It seems that he’s not alone walking on the highway. Something unknown is following him. It seems to be a black flame or a black spirit floating over his shoulder that’s following him wherever he goes. Kinda creepy!

If you take a closer look, something black was floating above his shoulder. Is it a ghost just like on the movie Shutter, where the ghost sits on the shoulder of the victim?

To make it creepier, another old man crossed the same road but didn’t have that creepy entity behind him.

black ghost 1

Watch the video:

The world is full of strange things, though with today’s technology we can’t really claim this is real. It can be just another video manipulation, but it’s up to you whether you believe it or not. Let’s just all remember “some things are unseen.”


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