He saved a baby from a burning crib – 17 years later he gets an unexpected call which leaves him in tears

17 years ago, Mike Hughes, a now retired fighter saved a 9-month-old baby from a house fire. But unexpectedly, all those years later he received an invitation which would bring him to tears.

He went on to attend the high school graduation of Dawnielle Davison, the same girl he rescued 17 years. The pair reconnected on Facebook and Mr Hughes received an honorary invitation to her graduation.

Looking back to that fateful day Mr Hughes stated that “I went straight to the place in the house that I thought I’d find somebody, another 20 seconds and it would have been a different outcome”

Dawnielle cried tears of happiness as she stood next to the man who saved her life, as she most certainly wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for him.

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