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They thought this Moose was dead, then they did something BREATHTAKING to try save it

On a freezing cold winters day, Viktor Johannessen and a friend were out enjoying some ice skating on a beautiful and peaceful lake when they came across a moose that had fallen through the ice.

The large moose had found its self submerged and stranded in the fridged waters, unable to find a way out.

As impossible as the task looked these kind humans were willing to try anything they could to help the poor animal from dying ahead of time.

At the start of the video, the moose can be seen desperately attempting to escape the water without any luck. Using a hatchet, a woman cuts out a path in the ice to help the moose swim to safety.

Totally exhausted, the moose barely makes it to dry land, but with a little coaxing, it finally manages to muster up the final energy to escape the claws of the icy water and eventually it staggered away from the scene.

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