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Rescuers Are Forced To Saw The Antlers Of 2 Bucks After They Get Stuck In A Headlock

When we’re not looking, nature has a funny way of taking us by surprise. There are many events that go on with no one to witness them, so when we actually do catch a glimpse of them, it feels like a rare treat.

One of these occurrences is the battle between two bucks. Often, bucks will fight one another for territory or a mate. They will lock antlers in an effort to secure these prizes and bring down an opponent.

But in the case of the two bucks in the clip below, there was no clear winner: they had to be separated by three brave rescuers who were called when farmers grew concerned about the animals.

You can see in the footage that it’s quite the delicate situation: one of the bucks is upright, while one is almost motionless on the ground. The rescuers believe, at first, that he’s dead. But thankfully, this isn’t the case!

As soon as they assess the situation, the men start lassoing the bucks to minimalize harm to themselves and the animals. After all, they will be using sharp tools.

Once they’re secure, one of the men starts sawing the antlers, which ultimately frees the bucks. They escaped unharmed. But not to worry — the antlers will grow back.

What an incredible treat for these men!

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