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Man Instantly Regrets Taking Retired Racehorse For A Gentle Countryside Trot

Before we even start, today’s lesson is.. Don’t take a retired race horse out for a trot unless you’re ready to ride!

Nick Bull has taught us all a lesson, graciously posting a video of his harrowing experience with former racehorse Shamrock on YouTube for our benefit.

“Shamrock is a retired race horse,” Bull explained.

“On this day Sham must have forgotten he was retired, or he knew that I wasn’t an experienced a rider so decided to take me for the ride of my life.

“Please excuse the bad language and girly screams at the end.” said Bull.

This video was shot entirely on a GoPro and features some very well-timed sounds effects and image cutaways.

The stunning short has shot to viral fame, notching up well over 1 million views in under 4 days.

It starts off with what looks like a pleasant canter, but what unfolds is some delightfully British cursing and shouting.

At one point it seems as if he’s trying to reason with the beast, but Shamrock obviously isn’t interested.

He proceeds to repeatedly say “woooooah” but the tone in which he delivers is hilarious, you can hear the pure unadulterated fear. The only thing that was effective for was making us laugh, and the horse ran on until Bull slams into the ground.

In case you are concerned, Bull has assured us he was uninjured.

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