Father secretly set up memorial for his son — 13 years later he’s shocked to finds a note from a billionaire

I think most people would agree that, when you loses someone in your family, you never really stop mourning the loss, you just learn to cope with the ever-present pain.

While you will never, physically be able to see them again, by visiting their grave or memorial you’re able to feel that closeness or their presence again.

Ray Olson tragically lost his son to a car accident in 2003, he was hit on a road in Richmond by a drunk driver.

The land running alongside that road was owned by the multi-billion dollar company Chevron. Ray thought there was no chance that the goliath would let him have an official memorial, he decided not to bother asking.

In secret, he set up a memorial and went there every night to be close to his son.

In 2016 Ray got some heartbreaking news! He found out that the area was going to be redeveloped and he was sure that Chevron would do away with his special memorial and the one place he felt close to his son!

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