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Pregnant Woman Approaches Tiger, But His Reaction When He Noticed Her Bump Left Onlookers Astonished

Animals often exhibit evidence of having a sixth sense compared to humans. They can sense when something is coming way before they can see it and they debatably can see things that the human eye can’t.

When Brittany Smith-Osborne and her friends went to the Potawatomi Zoo in Indiana, they witnessed an amazing example of an animal’s extra sense when a tiger targeted their pregnant friend.

Natasha was 27-weeks pregnant when she sat by the window to the tiger enclosure, taking selfies with a tiger that was eager to get close to her. Natasha wondered why the tiger was so interested in getting close to her when her friend came up with an idea.

Do you think it knows you’re pregnant? Like, is it after you cos you’re with a baby?

Intrigued by the idea, Natasha climbed up onto the ledge of the window and pressed her pregnant belly up against the glass.

The tiger immediately started gently sniffing at the glass around her belly and then began to nuzzle its face up to her stomach. The tiger clearly could sense that there was a baby in her belly and its maternal instinct was kicking in. The scene is absolutely fascinating and extremely cute!

As soon as the tiger had shown its concern and care for her unborn baby, it walked away and back into its enclosure. The girls are overwhelmed with adoration for the intelligent animal and Natasha appears to get a bit emotional at the exchange.

Clearly the baby’s spirit animal will be a tiger when it is born!

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