Did you know there are cows that look like real life teddy bears?

Adam and Emily make sure their herd of cute Scottish highland cattle are well looked after by letting them roam free – and giving them lots of cuddles.

The farming couple from western North Carolina is making quite a name for themselves thanks to the pictures they share online of themselves hugging their fur babies.

Adam and Emily decided to breed their own cows after discovering how they were treated in the dairy and meat industry. They no longer wanted to eat factory-farmed meat without knowing where it was from.

They started their own farm, Happy Hens and Highlands Farm, in 2014 and have a herd of Scottish highland cattle and Scottish highland crosses. “We want to make sure that our animals are humanely raised and have the best life possible,” they write on their website.

At first their farm was small and they raised animals for meat and eggs. But when they introduced highland cattle to the farm, everything changed. The couple decided they were simply too sweet and wise to eat.

Adam and Emily decided to raise the cows without slaughtering them. Instead, they sell their calves to new homes for breeding. And they always make sure they get on well with their new owners.

They have so much respect for their animals and they treat them accordingly. They never take them for granted.

I’m so happy to see these pictures and read the story of these cute calves. I wish all animals could have it this good!

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