Where and how we sleep on our beds can significantly impact our health. And as a teaser, #9 I can relate to the most because I have problems with acid reflux at night.

Reaching for optimal health is critical for being productive and happy, but with so much conflicting information it can seem confusing as to how to achieve this.

One thing that is indisputable as far as something that’s primary in this equation is getting quality sleep.

Good sleep is a really big deal. Seriously.
I’m sure you have seen the mountain of articles that tell you to get quality sleep because it affects your overall health, mood, and productivity.

But did you know that your sleeping position can affect various health aspects such as heartburn, blood pressure, even PMS symptoms?

It happens that there are nine primary positions to pay attention to, to get relief for certain health problems.

1. Shoulder Pain

According to Women’s Health Magazine, if you have shoulder pain try sleeping on your pain-free side with slightly bent legs. Be sure to put a thin pillow between your knees and a thicker one to hang on to with your arms (like in the illustration above).

2. Back Pain

For back pain, lay on your back and place a pillow under your knees and a rolled-up towel under the curve of your back.

3. Headaches

The Hub’s Health Expert says that headaches usually result from twisted neck during sleeping. If you are prone to headaches be sure to support your head with pillows all around your head/neck so that you prevent it from turning during the night.

4. Sinus Trouble

Harvard Medical School recommends that you sleep with an elevated head in order to prevent the mucus from pooling in your sinuses.

5. High Blood Pressure

WebMD has published a report by the Ehime University School of Medicine which is focused on the way sleeping positions affect blood pressure. They found out that sleeping with your face down can significantly lower your blood pressure.

As always, before you try anything here or take advice (especially ours), be sure you consult your doctor about the general condition of your blood pressure.

6. PMS Pain

Have any painful PMS-related symptoms? According to Women’s Health Magazine you should place a pillow under your knees in order to prevent arching of your spine.

7. Neck Pain

According to PainPhysicians you should take a small rolled-up towel and place it just under the neck. Also, you can place it under your pillowcase in order to fix it.

8. Digestion Trouble

The Skin Sheen recommends sleeping on the left side for better digestion. This is really important because the stomach is positioned on the left side in the human body.

9. Heartburn

This one I know all too well. Heartburn can be brutal at night sometimes. According to WebMD, you can best treat heartburn with sleeping on your left side.

Source: Bustle
Image Source Little Things

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