Homeless cat is nearly killed in hospital door – then doctor steps in to save it

This cat was once homeless and all alone on the streets of Istanbul, Turkey. But today, he’s called Miracle, and it’s a real miracle that he’s alive.

Nobody paid any attention to Miracle when he was lying outside the entrance of a hospital in Istanbul. He was a street cat and the city has a huge stray cat population.

Then a tragic accident occurred — a man used the hospital’s revolving door and didn’t see the cat on the other side. Miracle’s neck got stuck in the door and he struggled to breathe.

The man stopped as soon as he discovered what had happened, but it was already too late. The cat was screaming with pain. Emergency services doctor Halil Akyürek heard the cat’s screams, realized that a life was in danger and immediately rushed to the scene. The fact that it was a cat and not a person didn’t register. No one would die in the hall of his hospital.

Miracle was still stuck when Halil reached the door, so he grabbed the cat’s head to free him. Miracle had stopped breathing so Halil started cardiac massage immediately and slowly but surely Miracle started to respond.

After a while, Miracle got up and breathed on his own – a huge relief to Halil and his colleagues.

But the story doesn’t end there! After helping him back to life and aptly naming him Miracle, Halil decided to adopt him. Now the two friends are inseparable.

Today, Miracle’s life on the street is just a distant memory and he has a long and happy life ahead of him with the man who saved his life. What a wonderful end!

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