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Dog is left to die by its owner – look closely at his eyes when he gets a hot bath for the 1st time

The only thing dog Nik-Nak wanted was to be loved.

Toys and treats can be helpful in making a dog feel happy, but in the end it’s all about loving and being loved. When Nik-Nak’s owner left him to be euthanized at a local vet’s office, the staff were shocked. The owners told them they wanted to kill their dog because he was “too difficult and ugly”.

It’s hard to believe that such cruel people actually exist in the world, but what’s more important is that Nik-Nak is thankfully no longer in their possession.

A fantastic team of veterinarians gave Nik-Nak his first bath ever, taking care of him in the way he deserved. The dog had sores all over his face, and it took some time, but eventually he began to get better. Veterinarian Kam Nurock decided to take Nik-Nak home and become his foster parent.

She looked after him and prepared him so that one day he could go home to a new family.

But after a few weeks, Kam realized that she had finally found the dog she had been waiting for, and that Nik-Nak had already found his forever home… with her.

Take a look at Nik Nakk’s amazing journey below.

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