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Dog Shocks Officer That Freed Him From A Fence — With Something Amazing

After Plattsburg Police officer Nick Sheppard a big time “dog lover” responded to an urgent  call about a dog that had become entangled in a fence he rushed to the four legged friends aid, it was clear it was in a whole load of pain.

You can see from the In this truly amazing footage that the dogs leg it quite tightly tangled in the wire fence, the officer had to dash back to his car to get some pliers and at first struggled to cut through the fence.

Amazingly Its not actually what happens in the rescue that is surprising it’s instead what happened afterwards so please do make sure you watch until the end. Apologies for the shaky chest cam, we’ve had a word with the officer and said he’ll do a better job next time.

Unfortunately, Officer Sheppard didn’t get to keep his new buddy. “Just to let you all know,” wrote the Plattsburg Police Department on its Facebook page, “This happy doggy was picked up a short time later by his owner.”

You can watch the amazing video below.

The dog is like: You saved me, I must follow you until I return the favour! If you enjoyed this video please Share. 

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