Stubborn Dog Throws The Cutest Tantrum — To Try To Get A Bath Instead of A Walk

Many dogs (and a fair few humans) will go to great lengths to avoid bath time. This gorgeous husky breaks the trend, it seems he would do anything in his power to stay in the bath all day.

‘Zeus’ the beautiful husky knew that walk time was impending and quite frankly he didn’t fancy it, not one bit. It seemed he was much more in the mood for a relaxing bath!

When his mum wouldn’t turn on the water ‘Zeus’ didn’t exactly take it all that well, he wasn’t going to go down lightly. He threw what can only be described a tantrum, an adorable temper tantrum at that!

As you can see in the video below, Zeus simply isn’t going to take no for an answer and he proceeds to kick up a royal fuss! He begins howling and every time his mum tells him to “get out of the bath” he replies with another stubborn howl.

Eventually ‘Zeus’ is forced to concede and he very reluctantly leaves the bath. While the battle was lost I’m sure a long loving war of wills has just began.

Zeus we love your personality and antics, now get that dog some bubble bath for Christmas.

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