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Soldier Returns Home From Military Service. Now Wait For Her Dogs To Realize She’s Back

Having a family member in the military is always bittersweet. You’re admirable and proud of their courage and their sacrifice, but selfishly, you wish that they could stay home with the family. It’s always nervewracking to have a family member leave for training, or even scarier — deployment.

The moment that a family member in the military returns home after an extended period of time is one of the most heartwarming moments you could ever imagine.

YouTube user Heatherwicz had been away for her military occupation training (MOS) with the Army; she had been gone for six long months — leaving her three beautiful German Shepherds behind. The soldier had recently been injured and was granted two weeks to go home and recover.

Because of her injury, Heather would be spending more time away completely her MOS training, however, at least she was able to head home for a couple of weeks to see her fur babies! Those three gorgeous had no idea what was in store for them.

After returning home after six months away, Heather decides to film the moment that she sees her three big German Shepherds again for the first time.

Megan casually sits on the couch; she still has her combat boots on, and her camouflage backpack is lying next to her feet. She has her cell phone in hand as she waits for those gorgeous dogs of her to come bounding through the door.

As the anticipation builds for this reunion moment, everyone is getting in their place to catch this exciting event in real time. Someone in the family briefly steps into frame to remove a cup from the cup holder — they were clearly anticipating the dogs to get a bit wild.

As soon as the dogs see who is sitting on the couch, they absolutely lose their minds with excitement.

The sweet dogs, each one the size of their owner, leaps on top of her to give her as much love as they possibly could. Their tails are wagging, and they are giving their mom six long months worth of wet and slobbery kisses. You can feel the happiness through the screen.

It’s clear that these giant dogs missed their soldier mom when she was away — the reunion video below is proof. Thank you for your service!

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