Las Vegas Firemen Perform Miracle On 2 Lifeless Puppies And Ellen Tracks Them Down Within Hours

A couple years back, a house fire broke out in Las Vegas. Two firefighters from different jurisdictions ended up working together to save two four-legged victims fighting for their lives.

David and Gregg felt their hearts break as a pair tiny pit bull puppies, no more than two weeks old, were pulled from the smoke and flames.

Though they’d never learned CPR for animals, the men quickly decided to use rescusitation techniques similar to those used on infants.

David and Gregg grabbed oxygen bottles and pet oxygen masks they just so happened to be carrying in their trucks. Oxygen masks for pets come in different sizes for different animals and are becoming more widely used by fire departments across the country.

After performing 10-15 minutes of CPR, the puppies began to show signs of life.

They’re both alive and well because of the firemens’ efforts.

David and Gregg had no idea that just 48 hours later they’d be sitting next to Ellen on her show as her newly dubbed heroes — or that she was going to give them, and her entire studio audience, a massive surprise.

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