Tiny Dog Has The Most Unexpected Reaction When Rescuers Sneak Up To Save Him

When Hope For Paws they got the call about the tiny dog that had been spotted abandoned between the LA river and the railway lines they didn’t know what to expect. They decided to draft in their friends at Rescue From The Hart to help!

When we got the call about Diesel on the Hope For Paws line, I asked Loreta Frankonyte and Lisa Arturo to join me for this rescue. We were told that the little dog lives on a main road between the Los Angeles River and the railroad tracks and that he was really frightened” said Hope for Paws.

“I knew that if I scare him, he will run towards the railroad tracks, or towards the busy road, or straight into the river.I was totally puzzled by his reaction when he spotted me sneaking up on him.”

In the video below you can watch the incredible moments as he approaches the frightened Pup. He’s rescued hundreds of dogs before but he’s never seen one react in the way that diesel did!

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